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A View of Cranes AND Operation Processing

DP World has developed in recent years Jeddah's South Container Terminal to a modern world-class container terminal, attracting the most renowned international carriers in the containerization industry.

DP World's South Container Terminal, geographical location, proven record of accomplishment, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, efficient and effective operation, record productivity, yet, dramatic improvement of transshipment and cost effectiveness, are some of the benefits our clients enjoy since September 1999, when DP World was awarded a 20 years concession agreement, for the development and operation of Jeddah Islamic Port, South Container Terminal.

Company's high invested in the latest computerization systems, training facility for the continuous development of our most precious asset, our employees and DP World is committed to maintain high quality standards.

DP World's South Container Terminal ideally located in the middle of the busiest, East – West trade seaway in the world , is linked by regular main-liner services to practically all parts of the globe. A well-established feedering network connects Jeddah South Container Terminal with all ports in Red Sea, East Africa, Arabian and Gulf Sea as well as East Mediterranean and the Black Sea. DP World strives towards sustainable regional leadership and to be a leading provider of global, integrated logistics services that address the full spectrum of its clients' needs.